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Services / Business Development and Support

On request, the Langal Corporation can independently research and assess proposed ideas and present them to you as a business plan. Alternately, you may submit your own business plan to us for review and revision as necessary. To learn more about these options please visit Facilitation of Financing section of this web-site.

Database Project

The Langal Corporation is developing an electronic database of business plan executive summaries to be made available to those wishing to explore prospective and profitable global investment opportunities. The business plans from which these executive summaries are drawn will either be the intellectual property of the Langal Corporation or will have received formal consent from the third party after strict evaluation and in partnership with the Langal Corporation.

If you are interested in researching a business plan that is not yet in the database, the system will automatically process the request and you will be notified as soon as it is uploaded into the database. All outgoing replies are personalized. If the number of unsatisfied requests exceeds handling capacity, new users' access to the database will temporarily be restricted.

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